Background brief - Agriculture and Fisheries Council, 14/03/2016


DRAFT BACKGROUND - AGRICULTURE and FISHERIES Council, 14 March 2016 in Brussels

Ministers will assess the current difficulties faced in several agricultural sectors, including the pig meat, dairy and fruit and vegetables sectors. The debate will also help to assess the adequacy and effectiveness of the market support measures currently in place, and whether additional measures could be envisaged.

They will also listen to the Commission and the European Investment Bank on the best ways to make use of investment tools and financing opportunities to boost competitiveness, growth and jobs in the agriculture sector and in rural areas and will be given the opportunity to share their experiences.

The Council will be called upon to adopt conclusions on the EU support to timber-producing countries under the FLEGT (Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade) action plan. The conclusions follow recommendations issued by the European Court of Auditors to improve the EU’s support to these countries.

The Council is also due to adopt conclusions on fisheries partnership agreements with third countries, following recommendations issued by the European Court of Auditors aimed at improving the management and implementation of international fisheries agreements.

Full and updated document available via the AGRI Council Meeting of 14/03/2016 page.

See also the agenda of the Meeting of 14/03/2016.