Extended LEMKEN After-Sales Support Package

Always up to date with the LEMKEN offline spare parts catalogue and update stick


LEMKEN customers and dealers have already enjoyed permanent online access to all product information since last year. The LEONIS information portal additionally provides dealers with exclusive access to spare parts lists, implement data, training documentation and the latest news. This range of services has now been expanded with an offline spare parts catalogue and an update stick to complement the LEMKEN after-sales package.


With LEONIS, LEMKENDOC and the update stick, LEMKEN offers its cooperation partners a powerful package of three components to support professional, quick and expert repairs and ensure that farmers enjoy high implement availability. The LEMKEN after-sales support package is available worldwide.

The new LEMKENDOC spare parts catalogue provides up-to-date access to original spare parts catalogues at any time. Spare parts can be identified anywhere at any time, from the workshop, the office or even the field, and then ordered online later. An integrated search for spare parts by serial number and a customizable notes function complement this service to cut down on the number of enquiries needed and avoid mistakes when ordering.

LEMKEN additionally provides its cooperation partners with an update stick, which allows service technicians to perform quick and easy software updates on implements and terminals. The update stick connects regularly to the LEMKEN software pool and therefore always contains the latest software versions. Of course, technicians also have access to older versions and are able to reset implements to their original settings via a backup and restore function.